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V.C. Andrews' Heaven

IMDb 5.8 88 min
Drama, Thriller
Annalise Basso, Julie Benz, Christian Convery, Jessica Clement, Amanda Burke, Chris McNally, Patrick Keating, James Rittinger, Matthew Nelson Mahood, Christina Jastrzembska
Paul Shapiro
5.4 / 37 times
High schooler Heaven Leigh Casteel is the eldest of five of Luke and Sarah Casteel, they living in the backwoods outside of the small town of Winnerow, West Virginia. Heaven is the academically driven gifted one. Heaven learns the reason they are shunned as a family is more than them being poor, and the reason why she, out of the five, is the one shunned by Luke. The latter: Sarah is not her biological mother, wealthy Leigh Casteel, who ran away from home to marry Luke and who Heaven resembles, dying in childbirth, which Luke blames on Heaven. Beyond shunning Heaven, Luke is largely an absent father and husband, he often away looking for work with most of what little money he earns going toward booze for himself. As such, her siblings - teenagers Tom and Fanny, and young adolescents Janey and Keith - are her life. One new bright spot in Heaven's life is Logan Stonewall, a new classmate and new arrival to Winnerow, who, attracted to Heaven, treats her with kindness and respect in his deepening love for her. This bright spot is overshadowed when, out of circumstance, Luke breaks up the family separating the five siblings. Heaven is sent to live with Kitty and her younger husband Cal, a writer who she supports financially as he is unpublished. While Heaven tries in vain to bring her family back together, she, under Kitty and Cal's roof, learns some other secrets of the Casteels. She will also find, unaware of the connection, that she is more her mother's daughter than just in appearance as she approaches womanhood.
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