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Twinkle All the Way

IMDb 6.6 87 min
Lesley Ann Warren, Ryan McPartlin, Sarah Drew, Rachael Crawford, Mark Irvingsen, Jerald Bezener, Lanette Ware, Nicki Whitely, Randy Thomas, Andrew Bushell
Brian Herzlinger
United States
6.7 / 30 times
In the town of Redbird Falls, divorced Cadence Clark and widowed Henry Harrison meet when they are paired volunteers on sets and backdrops at their respective children, seven year old Mary and six year old Ruthie's elementary school for the upcoming Christmas pageant. There is quiet disdain between the two in their different working styles. Cadence, a wedding planner, has the motto of "organize and prioritize" in being overly prepared, how she manages her business and her personal life, she long ago having made up her mind what is best to be done for the pageant sets. Henry, a painter by trade, is the type of person who wants to get inspiration from the environment within which he works, he going all gusto once he gets that inspiration. It isn't until Cadence learns of Henry's family's seasonal business that she gives him any credibility: Twinkle All the Way, a Christmas design firm, Henry who has a warehouse full of Christmas themed props at their disposal that the school would not be able to afford otherwise. In working together and realizing their collective vision, Cadence and Henry have to decide if they are willing to open themselves up to a relationship again, she who was proverbially burned in her first marriage, and Henry who doesn't know if true love like he had with his wife Melissa can strike twice in his life. What happens between them is affected by their latest work projects, Cadence who is planning the wedding of one of her college friends, Avery Abbott who wants that magical wedding associated with the love of Christmas, she making a last minute request to move the event to Christmas Eve, and Henry's family who are designing and installing the setting for socialite Sue Sutton's Christmas Eve party, it generally seen as the event of the Christmas season in Redbird Falls, success on these two events which could make or break their respective businesses.
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