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Three Monkeys

IMDb 7.4 109 min
Hatice Aslan, Ahmet Rifat Sungar, Ercan Kesal, Yavuz Bingöl, Cafer Köse, Gürkan Aydin
Nuri Bilge Ceylan
France, Italy
6.5 / 2 times
While driving late night on a lonely road, the wealthy politician Servet hits a person and flees from the crime scene. The hit-and-run driver calls his employee Eyüp, who lives in a simple house with his wife Hacer and their teenager son Ismail, and offers to continue to monthly pay his salary and a large amount in the end of the sentence to Eyüp to take the blame for the accident. Eyüp accepts the offer and goes to prison along less than a year. Meanwhile, Ismail, who is a reckless student, wants to use part of the money that Servet owes to his father to buy a car to work as a school driver. When the beautiful Hacer visits Servet to receive the money, he makes a pass at Hacer. One day, Ismail returns home before traveling to visit his father and he sees Servet leaving his house and he presses his mother. When Eyüp is released, Ismail drives his father home and he learns that Hacer had taken part of the money to buy the car. When Servet does not discount the amount from the payoff, Eyüp suspects that Hacer is an unfaithful wife in the beginning of a family tragedy.
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