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The Wild Angels

IMDb 5.7 93 min
Loser, a member of the Angels, has his bike stolen by a group of Mexicans. He calls in his fellow member Blues as well as several of the other members to help him get his bike back and beat up the guys who stole it. When they get to where Loser's bike is, a huge fight breaks out and several of the guys who stole the bike are beaten to a pulp. However, the police soon arrive and the gang splits. Loser, finding himself without a bike, steals the bike of one of the officers and is chased down and shot. Loser is then taken to the hospital, so he can recover before being prosecuted. The gang then comes and takes him out of the hospital, but in the process they break the bottle of blood that is keeping him alive and one of them attempts to rape a nurse that catches them in the act. But with all the trouble they go through, Loser still winds up dying.
Drama, Thriller, Action
Diane Ladd, Bruce Dern, Peter Fonda, Nancy Sinatra
Roger Corman
United States
9.0 / 1 times
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