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The Trial

IMDb 7.8 119 min
Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Orson Welles, Elsa Martinelli, Anthony Perkins, Michael Lonsdale, Romy Schneider, Jess Hahn, Akim Tamiroff, Jeanne Moreau, Suzanne Flon, Madeleine Robinson
Orson Welles
France, Italy, West Germany
9.7 / 3 times
Josef K. works as a departmental assistant manager for a large company, where the office workers are generally indistinguishable small cogs in a big machine. One early morning in the rooming house where he lives, he is awoken by three men who barge into his room and place him under arrest, although the leader, the inspector, neither discloses if they are the police or with what he is being charged. He is not taken into custody, at this stage he to continue with his day-to-day routine, with his trips to the interrogation commission, which will determine his guilt or innocence, to be the only deviation from his routine. Initially, he believes his company may have something to do with the charge as the three men are accompanied by three of his coworkers. He also initially believes it may have something to do with his rooming house neighbor, exotic nightclub dancer Miss Burstner, as the inspector came through Miss Burstner's room and his three coworkers are rummaging through her room. He does not want her to think badly of him as he secretly desires her. Eventually, his uncle finds out about his predicament and uses his influence to hire Mr. Hastler, an influential advocate to represent him. Through the proceedings, some people offer Mr. K. their assistance, three being women who may have different influence on the proceedings. Those three are: Leni, the advocate's mistress; Hilda, the wife of one of the commission's guards; and Irmie, his sixteen year old cousin. Mr. K. has to decide how best to proceed, including if any of these people indeed are looking out for his best interest.
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