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The Morning Show

IMDb 8.4 60 min
Drama, Comedy
Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, Tom Irwin, Jennifer Aniston, Billy Crudup, Gugu Mbatha Raw, Marcia Gay Harden, Mark Duplass, Jack Davenport, Bel Powley
Mimi Leder,David Frankel,Kevin Bray,Roxann Dawson,Tucker Gates,Michelle MacLaren,Lynn Shelton
United States
5.9 / 755 times
After a fallout with their previous morning show co-host, the popular but #MeToo-scandal-ridden Mitch Kessler, a New York City TV station hires a new spunky journalist, the progressive and hotheaded southern girl Bradley Jackson, as the new co-host. The scheming station head manager Cory Ellison sees in her the chance to push his career further. The show's other popular co-host Alex Levy, disgruntled by the fact that she has to take in a newbie, tries to use this new situation to make her own power move and turn Bradley into an ally. Meanwhile, Mitch refuses to accept defeat and tries to take everyone in the station who knew about his sexual abuse scandal but said nothing down with him. Other characters include Chip Black, the show's cynical top producer and program organizer, Hannah Shoenfeld, the station's employee and Mitch's emotionally gutted silent victim, Yanko Flores, a romantic and the Morning Show's most popular reporter, Claire Conway, a British junior employee of the station and Yanko's smitten secret girlfriend, and Fred, the station's sleazy chief executive who tried to help Mitch cover up the scandal.
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