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The Last Metro

IMDb 7.4 131 min
Drama, Romance, War
Catherine Deneuve, Paulette Dubost, Maurice Risch, Richard Bohringer, Sabine Haudepin, Jean Poiret, Jean Louis Richard, Christian Baltauss, Gérard Depardieu, Heinz Bennent
François Truffaut
9.0 / 1 times
It's late 1942 in Nazi occupied Paris. The theaters are still busy in part because they are one of the few places which still have reliable heating. One of those theaters is the Montmartre, which was formerly owned and directed by the renowned Lucas Steiner, a Jew, who fled the country to unknown parts to avoid persecution and probable concentration camp imprisonment. The theater is now owned by its lead actress, Marion Steiner, Lucas' gentile wife. They are mounting a new production called The Disappearance, which was staged by Lucas before his departure. The play is being directed by Lucas' assistant, Jean-Loup Cottins, using the notes left by Lucas. In the lead roles are Marion and Bernard Granger, who is new to the company. Bernard seems primarily interested in sex, most particularly with Arlette Guillaume, the company's costume designer who doesn't give him the time of day. The one woman Bernard doesn't seem interested in is Marion. Bernard and Marion have a strictly professional relationship and they work well on stage. They, however, are both hiding issues relating to the war - Marion's having to do with Lucas' whereabouts - which, when revealed, makes the issues they are hiding about their feelings all the more poignant.
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