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The Jazz Singer

IMDb 6.5 88 min
Drama, Romance, Music
Myrna Loy, Warner Oland, Al Jolson, May McAvoy, Eugenie Besserer, Otto Lederer, Robert Gordon, Richard Tucker, Yossele Rosenblatt, William Demarest
Alan Crosland
United States
7.3 / 3 times
In New York, thirteen year-old Jakie Rabinowitz is the son of a stern Jewish Cantor. When Rabinowitz is informed by Moisha Yudelson that Jakie is singing ragtime in a club, he beats his son. The traditional cantor expects that Jakie sings in the synagogue like his previous generations did, but the boy dreams on becoming a jazz singer. Jakie leaves home pursuing his dreams. 10 years later, Jakie is in London where his artistic name is Jack Robin. When he meets the famous stage performer Mary Dale, she helps him in his career. Sooner, he travels to New York for the greatest chance of his life in an important show on Broadway and he visits his parents. However, his father banishes him from home. On the opening day, the manipulative Moisha Yudelson invites him to sing in the Atonement Day since his father is very ill, but the emotional blackmail of the Jewish leader does not work. When Jakie is ready to the rehearsal, Moisha brings Jakie's beloved mother to press him to sing in the synagogue. Now Jakie will choose between his career and Mary Dale and the bonds with his family and religion.
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