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The Hit

IMDb 7 98 min
Drama, Thriller, Crime
Tim Roth, Jim Broadbent, Terence Stamp, John Hurt, Bill Hunter, Ralph Brown, Carlos Zabala, Fernando Rey, Freddie Stuart, AJ Clarke
Stephen Frears
United Kingdom
8.5 / 2 times
Before the High Court, British hardened professional criminal Willie Parker decides to give a full confession, and without a second thought, turns "supergrass", or otherwise, an informer, ratting on his old mobster friends in exchange for personal immunity. Now, with the promise to get back at him as heard from the singing lips of the villainous pack, Willie, for fear of retaliation, will take refuge in a sun-bleached villa somewhere in southern Spain's sun-kissed countryside, hiding from their vengeance completely undetected. However, after ten years in self-exile, Willie's past eventually catches up with him, and with the Mob's two hitmen on his doorstep, the frigid seasoned assassin Braddock, and Myron, his loose-cannon sidekick, he inevitably winds up as a hostage in the backseat of their car. From this point on, the plan is quite straightforward and the two executioners will only need to drive Willie safely to Paris, cross the frontier, and deliver him to the head of the organized crime to execute him. Nevertheless, what was supposed to be a quick and clean job, somehow, it is not turning out like it should, and as the Spanish Police is pursuing them, Murphy's Law applies, and whatever can go wrong, will undoubtedly go wrong.
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