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The Hand

IMDb 5.5 104 min
Drama, Thriller, Horror
Michael Caine, Tracey Walter, Charles Fleischer, Bruce McGill, Viveca Lindfors, Annie McEnroe, Andrea Marcovicci, Scott Evans, Mara Hobel, Rosemary Murphy
Oliver Stone
United States
9.0 / 4 times
The comic book writer and cartoonist Jonathan "Jon" Lansdale is the creator of the successful hero "Mandro" and lives with his wife Anne Lansdale and their daughter Lizzie in the countryside. Anne wants to move to New York City and has an argument with Jon while driving on the road. She distracts with an impatient driver and has a car accident with a truck where Jon loses his right hand. The hand is not found, and Jon needs to use prosthesis. They move to New York City and his Editor Karen Wagner offers another cartoonist to proceed with "Mandro". However, Jon is not happy with the modifications introduced in his character by the new cartoonist and Karen lets him go. Without money, Jon moves to California to teach in a college while Anne and Lizzie stay in New York City for a few more months. Jon has a love affair with his student Stella Roche, and he feels attracted by her. However, when his colleague Brian Ferguson tells Jon that Stella is an easy woman, Jon does not want to see her. However, his severed hand kills Stella, and when Brian says that he is going to the Police to report that Stella is missing, Jon's hand also kills him. Meanwhile, Anne and Lizzie come to Jon's house to spend Christmas with him. Soon he learns that Anne is betraying him, and that she intends to go to Los Angeles with Lizzie. Out of the blue, his hand tries to strangle Anne and Jon follows it. Is it possible that the hand does exist to kill whomever angers him?
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