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The Day Shall Come

IMDb 5.8 87 min
Anna Kendrick, Kayvan Novak, Denis Ohare, Danielle Brooks, Jim Gaffigan, James Adomian, Adam David Thompson, Curtiss Cook Jr, Pej Vahdat, Marchánt Davis
Christopher Morris
United States, United Kingdom
5.0 / 41 times
The Day Shall Come is a satirical comedy about an impoverished African American preacher who is targeted by the FBI. Moses Shabaz runs a mission in the Miami projects with his wife Venus. He bans guns and enlightens the local youth through education martial arts and the dreams of overthrowing the injustice of history. When a stranger offers him cash for his "revolution" Moses tries to hustle him - calling his congregation an "army" and despite his misgivings, agrees to take guns. He has no idea the sponsor is an FBI informant sent in by local Station chief Andy Mudd and his most ambitious agent Kendra Glack who is ready to ride Moses' case to a promotion. In an escalating game of cat and mouse where the mouse has no idea the cat exists, Kendra tries to pin the guns on Moses, Moses reports the FBI's own informant as a threat, then falls for Kendra's next set up to supply him with fake nukes. The local police have no idea the nukes are fake or come from the FBI and trigger a national emergency. In a whirlwind of escalation, the authorities chase their own nightmares and Moses and his family find themselves besieged by an inland army. Based on a hundred true stories, the film's jokes and humor reveal how power, ineptitude and paranoia fuel American injustice.
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