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The 27-Hour Day 2021
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The 27-Hour Day

HD 6.70 84 min
Lauren Garrett's New York City-based company, The 27-Hour Day, which consists of a podcast and blog, is all about how to do more with less time - efficiency - especially for the modern woman who wants to do it all. In developing strategies, she has a "hack" to fix almost any situation. In following her own advice, Lauren devotes whatever time she saves from her strategies back into further developing her brand. To move her company to the next level, she is pinning her prospects on a meeting with the guru in the business, Barbara Davrow, that meeting when she hopes Barbara will invite her along on her next speaking tour. Without giving a definite as to any future they may have, Barbara instead infers that Lauren has to find a healthier work-personal life balance, the latter which is virtually nonexistent despite not not wanting to do things like see her mother more often. In following Barbara's advice in order to secure that spot on the speaking tour, Lauren, out of her many options to find how to discover how to achieve that personal life, decides to attend Meadowlawn, a week long retreat in rural Montana run by the Wests: long widowed mother Sally, and her two adult offspring Jack and Ayla. While she knows the retreat does not allow guests access to electronic devices, she learns that extends further to no watches to provide one the sense of freedom devoid of time constraints. The problem becomes however slow she is to settle into doing things for herself, Lauren may find that she likes her new freedoms which may also provide her with those opportunities with Barbara that she had so coveted which would take away from her time. What she may also hope is to fill that personal life with Jack, who is like her more than he would like to admit in doing things for his mother and sister in taking over from the memory of his father, such measures as a planned expansion of the retreat for which Jack had long dropped out of veterinary school on which to focus his life.


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