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Texas Across the River

IMDb 6.3 101 min
Comedy, Western
Richard Farnsworth, Michael Ansara, Alain Delon, Peter Graves, Joey Bishop, Andrew Prine, Dean Martin, Rosemary Forsyth, George Wallace, Norman Grabowski
Michael Gordon
United States
9.5 / 2 times
1845. Sam Hollis, who travels with his faithful but wisecracking sidekick, a native Indian he has nicknamed Kronk, has been refused by the US Cavalry any guides for protection of him and his cargo to travel across Texas through dangerous Comanche Indian territory to Moccasin Flats since Texas is not part of the union. In Shreveport, Spaniard Don Andrea Baldasar, whose wedding to southern belle Phoebe Ann Naylor is rudely interrupted and who is more gallant than he is smart to American ways, is being pursued by the Calvary in their mistaken belief that he killed one of their officers, Phoebe Ann's former fiancé, Yancy Cottle. Before Baldasar goes on the run, he and Phoebe Ann agree to reunite in Texas. Hollis and Baldasar, who meet on the Louisiana side of the border river between Louisiana and Texas, join forces for their now mutual goals with regard to Texas, with Hollis nicknaming Baldasar "Baldy". Despite their true affection for each other, their partnership is not always a harmonious one due to their basic differences. Their relationship is complicated by they needing to battle both the Cavalry and the Comanches. It is further complicated by the entry into the situation by two women: a Comanche squaw named Lonetta, who does whatever she can to protect Baldy; and Phoebe Ann herself, who Hollis falls in love with before learning her connection to Baldy.
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