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Taste of Life

IMDb 4.5 88 min
Robert Wagner, Marina Anna Eich, Mira Gittner, Antje Mönning, Wolfgang Seidenberg, Andreas Pegler, Iris Boss, Agnes Mai, Norman Graue, Antonio Exacoustos
Roland Reber
West Germany
5.7 / 3 times
What does life taste like? For the 40-year-old Nikki, this question can be answered very simply: after semen. She runs a video blog and travels through the countryside in search of people and their stories with their Land Rover. She interviews the most diverse people letting them tell about their lives. Life tastes different for everyone, because where desires and longings differ, so is the view of life. Uncommented, Nikki lets people speak, gives them a voice, only to take control again. The cheerful lady is the link between the most varied stories. The stories are different, at best to be described as loose fragments, which then content again down so without sense and reason to the audience, that this is literally pushed off the head. There are two ladies lying naked on a rock talking about Bockwurst, a man in the forest confronted with his possible impotence, or a lady on a couch who knees on her head a few minutes later located between the legs of an elderly gentleman. The film portrays life in an associative collage about the topics of sex and relationship, guilt and religion, meaning and nonsense of conventions - and thus gives a voyeuristic insight into the desires and desires of the protagonists.
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