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1 I Vote You Out and That's It
Wednesday Sep 25, 2019
One castaway gets fired up when learning a lesson on the Island of the Idols, where Boston Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz serve as mentors.
2 YOLO, Let's Play!
Wednesday Oct 02, 2019
One castaway puts their mind to work when given a new opportunity on the Island of the Idols. The tribes must climb their way to the top during a tough Immunity Challenge.
3 Honesty Would Be Chill
Wednesday Oct 09, 2019
New tribal dynamics may put the rest of the castaways on edge leading into the next tribal council. One castaway is presented with an opportunity on the Island of the Idols.
4 Plan Z
Wednesday Oct 16, 2019
A “showmance” could create distractions and paint a target on two castaways’ backs. Also, after a visit with Boston Rob and Sandra on Island of the Idols, one castaway has a chance to seize an opportunity to prove their power of persuasion.
5 Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds You
Wednesday Oct 23, 2019
Castaways are forced to switch up their game after a surprising tribe swap.
6 Suck It Up Buttercup
Wednesday Oct 30, 2019
7 Episode 7
Wednesday Nov 06, 2019
8 Episode 8
Wednesday Nov 13, 2019

Survivor 39

IMDb 7.1 na min/episode
Sixteen contestants are stranded in a remote location with little more than the clothes on their back, a huge sack of rice, one luxury item each, and a bevy of camera crews. Every three days (or one episode), a contestant is voted off; the lone survivor of this process takes home a million dollars. The contestants start off divided into two teams that compete against each other, with the losing team forced to vote a member off; when the numbers are reduced to 10 contestants, the teams merge and it's everyone for himself.
Reality-TV, Adventure, Game-Show
Jeff Probst, Rob Mariano, Lillian Morris, Jon Dalton
United States
5.5 / 158 times
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