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Stranger on the Third Floor

IMDb 6.9 64 min
Drama, Crime
Peter Lorre, Elisha Cook Jr, Vince Barnett, Oscar OShea, Dell Henderson, Charles Halton, Ethel Griffies, John McGuire, John Harmon, Otto Hoffman
Boris Ingster
United States
8.0 / 2 times
Reporter Michael Ward is promoted at his newspaper when he becomes the key witness in the murder trial of Joe Briggs, a young man that he had previously seen threatening the victim Nick in his coffee shop and later saw leaving the place and found Nick with a sliced neck. Joe swears innocence, but based on the circumstantial evidence he is convicted and sentenced to the electric chair. Michael's fiancée Jane feels uncomfortable with the sentence and believes that Joe might be innocent. Michael loses his confidence and feels remorse for his testimony accusing Joe. One night, Michael brings Jane to his room and his nosy neighbor Albert Meng brings the landlady to expel Jane from the boarding house. Michael threatens Meng and later he sees a stranger with bulging eyes on his floor that runs away from him. He has a weird nightmare and when he wakes up, he finds that Meng is murdered with a sliced neck similar to Nick. Michael calls the police and is arrested as prime suspect of both murders. Jane seeks out the stranger on the streets to save her fiancé.
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