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Spunk's Not Dead

IMDb 4.4 98 min
Comedy, Action, Crime, Fantasy, Horror
Ryan Johnson, Quinn Allan, Alysse Fozmark, Patrick Kwan, Mick LaFlamme, Airisa Durand, Zach Carter, Tara Marie Kirk, Daniel Steward, Nicole Resner
Zach Carter,Jeremy Garner,Bryan Hiltner,Steven K. Jackley,Christopher Jayawardena,Calvin Morie McCarthy
United States
5.5 / 2 times
John Oak uses his web show ACTUAL FACTUAL TRUTHS to reveal the terrifying secret of SPUNK, a new drug that is tearing America apart with its powerful violence-inducing power. He gives the audience six twisted tales of the scourge that now runs rampant in our streets, turning people violent lunatics and making them lose their sanity. And in the meantime, he will confront filmmakers exploiting the crisis, take calls from helpful fans, and do his best to not be swept in the madness destroying his country. Segments: The Devil's Spunk (Zach Carter) - In this cautionary tale, an all-star athlete takes a "performance enhancing drug" straight from the bowels of hell. The Babysitter (Jeremy Garner) - A simple night of babysitting turns horrific when spunk becomes involved. Spunk of the Reaper (Bryan Hiltner) - A young junkie is lured into a frightening household and forced to confront his own death. Xombie (Steven K. Jackley) - A sleepover turns into a hellish nightmare when an uninvited guest brings a new strain of spunk to the party. High Score (Christopher Jayawardena) - A recovering addict is torn between his bleak reality and the video game simplicity of his spunk fantasies. Spunky Shines (Calvin Morié McCarthy) - A cannibalistic spunk addict learns that sometimes love bites back.
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