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Secret Summer

IMDb 6.4 84 min
Lindsey Shaw, Isaiah Washington, Lucas Bryant, Derek Theler, Rachel Ticotin, Emily Rose, Max Rose, Alix Elizabeth Gitter, Max Page, Chiara Aurelia
Rick Bota
United States
7.5 / 4 times
Traveling, adventurous author Jake's latest research into the non-violent robber Captain Black Bart's hidden treasures brings him to a Californian small town, notably its nerve center, the old, stately library, seat of the historical society. He agrees for the summer to look after Noah, instantly interested in that subject, and his sister Hailey, who digs the local general store's boy clerk, while his estranged brother and sister in law, who promised the kids a holiday in Italy, once more concentrate on running the family business Jake 'deserted' for his own dream. Librarian Annie Archer desperately asks handsome Jake to try his boyish and nerd-friendly charms on Rachel, whose new York employer is charged with preparing the probable sale of the library by the philanthropic sponsor's heirs, based on the land value given the lack of operational profit. Jake manages to bond with the kids and befriend Rachel, even taking her along on weekend trips on Bart's trail and seeking her advice on being a favorite big uncle. Yet for a romance to bloom beyond summer fling, the library's fate remains a formidable obstacle, not to mention her Big Apple job versus his mobile career.
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