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Santa Girl

IMDb 5 90 min
Comedy, Romance
Devon Werkheiser, Jennifer Stone, Barry Bostwick, Nick Nerangis, McKayla Witt, Joshua Cody, Hank Stone, Cejei Jefferson, Tony Matteson Jr, Darcy Maxine Pierce
Blayne Weaver
United States
5.7 / 23 times
Cassie (Jennifer Stone) is the only daughter of Santa Claus (Barry Bostwick), ensconced in the North Pole as two magical humans in a vast community of elves. Cassie's mom passed away years ago and Santa hasn't been the same since. He's lost weight, he's ditched the red suit (except on Christmas Eve) and he runs his workshop like a Fortune 500 conglomerate. To support Kringle Industries, Santa has struck a deal with Jack Frost, betrothing Cassie to Frost's son whom she has never met. Cassie will marry on Christmas Eve, thereby uniting these powerful families and assuring that Christmas will go on unimpeded. But Cassie yearns to see the wider world before she gets married and takes over her father's business, and so has secretly applied to a University in the real world - and she got in. She convinces Santa to let her attend school until Christmas when she will marry. Along with her trusty elf, Pep (McKayla Witt), Cassie sets off to life as a fish-out-of-water around these humans who are unlike anyone she has ever met before. Shortly after arriving, she is ardently pursued by J.R. (Josh Cody), a handsome and wealthy young man, and also by Sam (Devon Werkheiser), a sweetly awkward scholarship student. She's unaware that J.R. is actually Jack Frost's son, and that he has been ordered by his domineering dad to clinch the marriage -- or else. When Cassie suspects Sam of publicly humiliating her on the internet, she flees back to the North Pole in disgrace. Cassie doesn't love J.R., but she's determined to honor her betrothal. Yet she doesn't realize that Sam and Santa have found a loophole in the marriage contract, and they are rushing to stop the wedding at the last possible moment.
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