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Run for the Sun

IMDb 6.4 99 min
Katie Connors is a journalist for Sight magazine and she has made a specialty of writing exposés of well-known personalities. She manages to track down Mike Latimer, a famous author who is now living in a small, remote Mexican fishing village. Latimer was always larger than life, a hunter and fisherman who actually lived the tall tales that he wrote about. What Katie finds is someone who has lost his ability to write and she decides not to pursue the story. Latimer offers to fly her to Mexico City but due to a navigational error, they run out of fuel and are forced to land on a remote ranch owned by an Englishman, Mr. Browne. There is something familiar about the man and Latimer finally realizes who he is. A former British diplomat stationed in Berlin in 1937, Browne became a rabid Nazi and had to flee after Germany lost the war. Now that his secret is known however, Latimer and Connors must find a way to escape before he kills them.
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