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Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

IMDb 7.5 117 min
Drama, Comedy
Gary Oldman, Tim Roth, Richard Dreyfuss, Iain Glen, Ian Richardson, Livio Badurina, Tomislav Maretic, Mare Mlacnik, Serge Soric, Mladen Vasary
Tom Stoppard
United States, United Kingdom
5.0 / 2 times
Guildenstern, observant, sharp-witted and gifted for word-puns, and his mate Rosencranz, slower and often caught in words, even switching their own names, make a long journey on horseback, contemplating fate, memory and language while their flipping of coins produces heads invariably for over a hundred times. Then they meet a traveling theater troop, which offers for a few coins to let them watch a play, participate as guest actor or in a 'private rape enactment'. Then the magic of the theater transports them to the grand palace Elsinor, where the hospitable Danish royal couple kindly asks them to stay a while and help find out and hopefully cure the gloomy, confused state of prince Hamlet, whose Shakespearian drama the court is living trough, yet the title heroes remain largely occupied with the futile hazards of daily life. Soon the very same theater troop arrives to play at court, as part of the Bard's tragedy, whose leader simultaneously forbids them to stop watching their real play on the road which can't exist without a audience and explains some of the plot and logic of conventional rules of plot-staging and -writing, till their own real fate is settled...
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