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Right at Your Door

IMDb 6.1 96 min
Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Mary McCormack, Brian Bloom, Jon Huertas, Will McCormack, Max Kasch, Kimberly Scott, Rory Cochrane, Jenny OHara, Soledad St Hilaire, Tony Perez
Chris Gorak
United States
7.7 / 6 times
In Los Angeles, Brad and his wife Lexi live in the suburb and are in love for each other. Brad is an unemployed musician and Lexi is financially supporting the family. She wakes up in the morning and heads in her convertible to the highway to work downtown. Brad listens to the news that dirty bombs have just blown up in Los Angeles in a terrorist attack and the authorities warning people seal off doors, windows and any opening and stay home. The desperate Brad does not respect the curfew and drives his car to downtown, but he does not succeed in crossing the police barriers. He returns home and the worker Alvaro of his next door neighbor requests protection to Brad. They seal themselves off in the house and listen to the radio about the danger of the unknown chemicals and the panic of the population with the hospitals overcrowded. Out of the blue, Lexi returns home covered of chemical ashes. Brad has to come up to a decision about the unexpected return: should he open or not their house?
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