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Reap What You Sew: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery

IMDb 7.1 90 min
Drama, Crime, Mystery
Jordana Largy, Ben Wilkinson, Britt Irvin, Lexa Doig, Julia Benson, Candace Cameron Bure, April Telek, Jesse Moss, Peter Benson, Marilu Henner
Terry Ingram
7.9 / 9 times
With seed money from her wealthy father Marv Wilson, Poppy Wilson has recently returned to her hometown of Lawrenceton to start a yarn and embroidery business with her best friend Cara Embler. While the bricks-and-mortar store, Cara's domain, is doing well enough, what has been the success business's real moneymaker is Poppy's hosted YouTube videos, and she and Cara plan on writing a book which should also be successful, if the subscriptions to their YouTube channel are any indication. Poppy has been dating local newspaper reporter Dustin Sykes for three months. He invites her to accompany him to a banquet where he will receive an honor. When she doesn't turn up, Poppy's childhood friend, librarian and amateur sleuth Aurora "Roe" Teagarden, goes to Poppy's condo, which she was renting from Roe's realtor mother Aida Teagarden, with her best friend, Dustin's reporter colleague Sally Allison. They find Poppy there--stabbed to death. With Police Chief Lynn Smith on maternity leave, her husband Arthur Smith is acting Police Chief and he leads the investigation. He knows that members of the Real Murders Discussion Club, led by Roe, Sally, Mayor Sternholz, and Jason Dell (who's starting a P.I. business with his cousin Perry), want to do their own sleuthing, and he tries to dissuade them. Despite many being longtime friends, family, and/or upstanding Lawrenceton citizens, the chief suspects are: Dustin, whom Poppy rejected when he proposed; Sally's cousin Lizzy Allison, who suspected her lawyer fiancé Bubba Rankart of having an affair with Poppy, who was one of his clients; Bubba himself, as much incriminating evidence points in his direction; and Nicole Wilson, newly married to Poppy's father Marv--she would benefit financially if she became Marv's sole beneficiary, and she and Poppy hadn't particularly gotten along. Since Nicole and Marv are staying with Aida and Roe while they're in Lawrencton, Roe and Aida could be in danger in being in the crossfire if Nicole is Poppy's murderer and goes on to try to murder Marv.
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