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Queen Christina

IMDb 7.6 99 min
Drama, Romance, History, Biography
Bodil Rosing, Sam Harris, C Aubrey Smith, Reginald Owen, Lawrence Grant, Tiny Sandford, Greta Garbo, Lewis Stone, John Gilbert, Ian Keith
Rouben Mamoulian
United States
6.7 / 3 times
Following the death of her father King Gustavus Adolphus during the Thirty Years' War in 1632, six year old Christina ascends to the throne of Sweden. The ruling Christina grows into an adult who loves literature and the arts, and who often dresses as a man to appear more authoritarian. But the war rages on with massive casualties on both sides. Despite the Swedish side seemingly winning the war, Christina would rather have peace. In addition to the successes of the war, the queen's loyal subjects also have her love life on their minds, as a married queen who produces an heir will ensure longevity of the nation. Most believe she will and should marry Prince Charles Gustavus, the hero of many a battle in the war in name of the queen and of Sweden. Count Magnus, the Lord Treasurer, mistakenly believes he himself can have the queen. But she has forsaken the pursuit of love for the pursuit of knowledge and the attention she has paid to fighting the war. Her thoughts change when she meets Antonio, the visiting envoy to King Philip of Spain, in a snowbound inn. As she falls in love with him in their forced time together at the inn, he falls in love with her, not knowing her true identity. Once he learns her true identity, they have to decide how their relationship fits into the bigger scheme of her life as a queen and his as a representative to one of her suitors. Their troubles increase when Count Magnus, wanting Christina for himself, incites a public uprising against Antonio all in the public name of patriotism.
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