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IMDb 6.8 112 min
Drama, Comedy
Robert Stack, Alfre Woodard, Martin Short, Mary McDonnell, Hope Davis, Zooey Deschanel, Jason Lee, Eddie Mcclintock, Elisabeth Moss, Ted Danson
Lawrence Kasdan
United States
9.0 / 2 times
A man is trying to find a new life. During his college years and a short and rough career as an IRS investigator, he becomes involved with drugs. After hitting bottom, "Dr. Mumford" (Loren Dean) enters a drug rehab center run by very understanding Monks. During much of his adult life he sees a common thread with people who have confided in him about their problems. All people want is someone to listen to his or her problem. He decides to use his knowledge of computers and ability to manipulate records to create a new identity. He uses the name of a friend from childhood who died very young. He uses this to embark on a career as a psychologist. During a search for a place to settle, he discovers a town named Mumford and sees it as a sign. He establishes a practice in the town and begins to attract patients. Through his common sense approach, many patients begin to experience breakthroughs. Especially for one young woman whom the other 'conventional' treatments have failed. As the movie progresses, the doctor begins to see the reason why many psychologists spend some time in college learning about their trade. His unusual treatments attract the concern of other colleagues in the town who eventually file a complaint on his license. Another patient questions his ability to keep patient information confidential. While the one young woman with the tremendous breakthrough in concerned about transference.
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