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Love Alaska

IMDb 6 95 min
Joey Fatone, Kimberly Sue Murray, Victor Zinck Jr, Martin Roach, Paul Fauteux, John Bregar, Brian Cook, Sarah Podemski, Lanette Ware, Troy Blundell
Justin G. Dyck
4.8 / 28 times
Upon the death of her Uncle Tobias, thirty-something Dr. Maggie Richards returns to her hometown of Love, Alaska for the first time since she was fifteen. She will be taking over his medical clinic, True North, which has been closed for a year when he became ill and which has forced residents to make the expensive trek to Anchorage for medical care, and inheriting most of his estate, including his house. Her return coincides with the town's annual Operation Love, a corporate event bringing singles from all over the world hoping to find their true love. In Love, Maggie reconnects with her high school sweetheart Finn O'Rourke, who is a changed man from the fun-loving Finn she knew when they were fifteen. Finn is dealing with a plethora of emotional scars, from guilt over issues with his now deceased parents, and PTSD from his time as a pilot in the war. With his brother Declan now having taken over, Finn has worked as a pilot for O'Rourke Charters since he returned to Love a year ago. Because his life is like living under a microscope in Love in he believing others expecting him to be a certain way that he is no longer prepared to be, Finn is planning on leaving Love for good. However, out of circumstances related to Tobias and Declan, Finn feels like he is forced to stay in Love longer than he was planning, at least to help Maggie get True North up and running. While there are romantic sparks that happen between Finn and Maggie all over again, Finn may not be emotionally equipped to handle a romantic relationship with Maggie or anyone else at this time, which is made all the more problematic with Operation Love underway and a gaggle of singles in town, some who may have their own romantic eyes on either Maggie or Finn.
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