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Leave It to Beaver

IMDb 5.2 84 min
Comedy, Family
Tim Allen, Erika Christensen, Christopher McDonald, Erik Von Detten, Brenda Song, Adam Zolotin, Matthew Carey, Janine Turner, Geoff Pierson, Alan Rachins
Andy Cadiff
United States
9.5 / 2 times
The Cleavers are an all-American family living in Ohio - wise father Ward, loving mother June, 12 year-old son Wally and 8 year-old son Beaver. Once Beaver sees a shiny red bike in a bike shop, he really wants it. Wally's seriously obnoxious friend Eddie gives Beaver the advice to "suck up" to his father by playing football. Soon it's Beaver's birthday and he gets a computer from his Aunt Martha and the shiny red bike he really wanted from his parents (I was thinking Wally told them about it). On the first day of school, Wally rides Beaver to school. After school, Wally and Beaver meet up with Eddie and Wally and Eddie go into the soda shop while Beaver waits outside. Suddenly, some other kid much older than Beaver comes and starts showing Beaver a lot of bike tricks. On the last trick, he takes off and does not come back. At dinner, Beaver and Wally tell Ward and June about the bike. At school the next day, Beaver has to see Miss Landers after school because of his failing grades. Soon after Wally tries to hook up Eddie with Karen, a classmate who seems to like Wally better than Eddie. Wally and Eddie get invited to Karen's boy-girl party and everyone plays Spin the Bottle. Wally ends up with Karen and after they start hanging out together. Soon after Wally gets Karen taken away from him by Kyle, Karen's former boyfriend. After that, Kyle and the kid who stole Beaver's bike dares Beaver to go into the giant coffee cup above the coffee shop. Ward and June soon find out about the football team and the being left behind in school.
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