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IMDb 7.4 92 min
Mary Beth Hurt, Diane Keaton, Sam Waterston, Geraldine Page, EG Marshall, Maureen Stapleton, Richard Jordan, Kristin Griffith, Missy Hope, Kerry Duffy
Woody Allen
United States
9.8 / 4 times
In their early sixties, upper middle class suburban New Yorkers Arthur and Eve, an attorney and an interior decorator respectively, are recently separated on Arthur's initiative. Although he has long felt the want to leave Eve - he believing that she having created an environment in which the family existed and not truly lived, which manifested itself in the control shown in her interior decorating choices - Arthur decided to do so now because their three daughters are grown and on their own. Already suffering from clinical depression, Eve further suffers a nervous breakdown because of the separation, which to her was unexpected. Eve expects that Arthur will eventually come back to her. The separation and breakdown affect the three daughters in different ways, and exacerbates issues already existing in their lives. Renata, the eldest, is the talented one, talent which Eve admires. Renata is a renowned poet, who lives largely on Arthur being her benefactor. Renata is married to Frederick, a novelist, whose works achieve little acclaim. As such, Frederick feels emasculated by Renata's success, she who states that her praise for his work is truthful, and not just a means to stoke his ego. Joey, the second who suffers from middle child syndrome, is the bright but directionless one living in Renata's shadow. Joey has moved from one unfulfilling career to another. Due solely to proximity, Joey is largely tasked with Eve's post-hospitalization care, despite she knowing that her mother treats her like the unwanted child. Conversely, Arthur has always viewed Joey as the special one to who he always looks for validation. Joey is in a long term cohabitational relationship with Michael, a political activist who knows that Eve doesn't like him and who in turn doesn't like that Joey lets Eve run roughshod over their lives. And Flyn, the youngest, is the pretty one. She is a Hollywood television actress who fully realizes that what minor fame and fortune she has received is solely due to her looks. The lives of this collective becomes even more complicated when Arthur begins dating Pearl, who is the antithesis of Eve in every respect and who he wants to marry.
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