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His Majesty O'Keefe

IMDb 6.2 91 min
Drama, Adventure, Romance, Action, Biography
Burt Lancaster, Guy Doleman, Benson Fong, Paul Picerni, Philip Ahn, Abraham Sofaer, Joan Rice, Jimmy Dime, Charles Horvath, André Morell
Byron Haskin,Burt Lancaster
United States
9.3 / 6 times
In 1870, the ambitious Captain David Dion O'Keefe leaves Hong Kong to seek the valuable copra in the South Seas. He pushes his crew too much and faces a mutiny. When the crew assumes the ship, they leave Captain O'Keefe in a small boat in the middle of nowhere. O'Keefe is found on the shore of the Island of Yap and is saved by the German agent from the company that has the monopoly in Yap, Alfred Tetins, and the native Fatumak. When O'Keefe is recovered, he finds stranded in an island with a large quantity of coconuts and he sees the possibility of raising a fortune exploring the natural resource. However the natives do not like to work and O'Keefe returns to Hong Kong. Captain O'Keefe tries to raise a loan to buy a new vessel, but he does not find any sponsor but the Chinese dentist Sien Tang that offers his old vessel, crew and supplies to O'Keefe to become his partner and share his profits. O'Keefe accepts and begins his dangerous journey through the South Seas.
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