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Fierce Creatures

IMDb 6.4 93 min
Kevin Kline, Jamie Lee Curtis, John Cleese, Carey Lowell, Susie Blake, Michael Palin, Ronnie Corbett, Robert Lindsay, Bille Brown, Ron Donachie
Fred Schepisi,Robert Young
United States, United Kingdom
6.9 / 8 times
The owner and C.E.O. of Atlanta-based multinational corporation Octopus, Inc., worth six billion dollars, is bombastic Aussie transplant Rod McCain (Kevin Kline). Rod's son, the opportunistic Vince McCain (Kevin Kline), works for the organization as the marketing manager, despite Rod considering Vince a wuss, Vince just waiting for his father to die so that he can inherit the corporation, and Vince having previously stole from the corporation about which Rod is well aware and for which Vince served time. What Vince doesn't know is that even if Rod has any intention to die ever - which he doesn't - he doesn't plan to give Vince anything. Rod has a general policy that any of his assets has to net a twenty percent return on investment. Within one of Octopus' recent acquisitions is Marwood Zoo in England. Rod transfers one of his Hong Kong-based employees, straight-laced Rollo Lee (John Cleese), a former Police Officer, to run the zoo, and who just wants to do his job for the corporation, namely net that twenty percent return. As such, his first major change is to implement a policy of only housing what he considers the marquee animals, namely fierce creatures. This new policy does not sit well with the zoo staff, particularly the animal keepers, who do anything to convince Rollo that all of the animals at the zoo are important, while Rollo wants to show his staff at any cost that he is in charge. Rollo and the zoo staff have another enemy with arrivals from Atlanta. Willa Weston (Jamie Lee Curtis) is a new Octopus employee, who wants to run the zoo as Rod sold the asset for which she was hired to head on her first day with the company. Accompanying Willa is Vince, who mistakenly believes that Willa is interested in him romantically. While Willa wants to devise the model of zoo operation for the corporation, Vince has his own ideas of how to make a quick buck for the zoo and thus for himself, moves which sit well with no one but Vince. Willa and Rod, based on circumstantial evidence, mistakenly believe that Rollo is a ladies' man, who has multiple female sex partners during any of his liaisons. They all have yet another enemy when they learn that Rod is coming to England in a move to sell the zoo to a Japanese corporation, who want to replace the zoo on the property with a golf course. Through this entire process, Rollo and Willa both come to some revelations about their feelings toward zoos and this zoo in particular, and about each other, which makes their priority to save the zoo from sale so that they can operate it together in their new vision.
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