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Fallen Hearts

IMDb 5.6 88 min
Annalise Basso, Kelly Rutherford, Nicole Oliver, Jason Priestley, Duncan Fraser, Jason Cermak, Jessica Clement, Nicole LaPlaca, Mar Andersons, Milo Shandel
Jason Priestley
United States
7.1 / 13 times
In the continuing Casteel saga, Heaven has graduated from college and has returned to Winnerow to care for her paternal legal grandfather, Toby Casteel. That return reignites the issues with her sister, Fanny, who has felt that despite both having that backwoods upbringing, Heaven has had all the benefits in life while she has got nothing. Heaven also becomes increasingly at odds with her brother, Tom, who believes their legal father, Luke Casteel, has changed from the opportunistic and morally corrupt man who raised them to an upstanding citizen. With her fiancé Troy Tatterton's death, Heaven reconnects with her high school sweetheart, Logan Stonewall, who admits, despite previous harsh words, that he never stopped loving her. Heaven wants to put her life with the Tattertons behind her both because of Troy's death and the true nature of Tony Tatterton's biological relationship to her, but Tony makes sure that he remains connected to her through actions he takes in Winnerow and playing upon Heaven's connection to her ailing grandmother. In the process, many people in Heaven's world are keeping some secrets - including Heaven herself - some which may come to light in a court proceeding involving Luke's son, Heaven's half brother, Drake.
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