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Executive Action

IMDb 6.7 91 min
Drama, Thriller, Crime, History
Ed Lauter, Burt Lancaster, Richard Bull, Robert Ryan, Rutanya Alda, Lloyd Gough, Dick Miller, Walter Brooke, Will Geer, Paul Carr
David Miller
United States
8.9 / 11 times
Using on-the-record facts as the framework, a fictional account of an organized plot that led to the actual assassination of President John F. Kennedy is presented. It's late spring 1963. Harold Ferguson, a wealthy right wing American businessman, laments the possibility of liberally-minded Kennedy's reelection in 1964. As such, he has convened a small group of like minded individuals to devise a strategy for Kennedy not to be reelected. Among the group, the chief strategist is James Farrington, who has done similar work for Ferguson before. Farrington's idea: kill the President sometime before the election. His plan would have the starting point of past assassinations and assassination attempts of Presidents as its basis, all those precedents which were carried out by a lone citizen standing on his own principle, and without experience in military or revolutionary strategy. The plot would be meticulously thought out, but on the surface be made to look like a lone crazed gunman carried out the assassination on his own, that patsy of a person chosen ultimately being a Communist sympathizer named Lee Harvey Oswald who would have no idea of the actual plot. The one person who needs to be convinced is Ferguson as the sole financier, he who is an easy sell, admitting that he has authorized homicide in the past to achieve his business goals. As the plot goes into motion, they must ultimately sit back and watch it unfold to see if it happens the way Farrington believes this foolproof plan will unfold.
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