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Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag

IMDb 5.4 95 min
Comedy, Adventure, Crime, Mystery
Kristy Swanson, David Spade, George Hamilton, Joe Pesci, Todd Louiso, Joe Basile, Suzanne Krull, Dyan Cannon, Michael A Nickles, Eduardo Ricard
Tom Schulman
United States, United Kingdom
9.2 / 5 times
Tommy, a wiseguy is sent by his boss to get the 8 heads of 8 men he took a contract on. At the airport there was a little mix-up and Tommy got the bag of Charlie, a student who is accompanying his girlfriend, Laurie, who is on vacation with her parents in Mexico. Tommy goes to Charlie's school in Maryland and grabs two of his friends and roughs them up. Charlie upon discovering that he has the wrong bag, tries to keep it from Laurie and her parents. Charlie then calls his friends and learns that Tommy is there, who wants his heads back so he agrees to meet him in the States but before they leave, two of the heads that Charlie had, ended up in Laurie's father's bag and when they are discovered he is arrested. Charlie must find a way to get help him and appease Tommy, who is now being pursued by the men who killed the 8 men, who are being threatened by Tommy's boss for failure to produce the heads.
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