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Darrow & Darrow 2

IMDb 6.9 82 min
David Paetkau, Wendie Malick, Paul McGillion, Veena Sood, Kimberly Williams Paisley, Sage Brocklebank, Tom Cavanagh, Geoff Gustafson, Robert Moloney, Barclay Hope
Mel Damski
8.1 / 8 times
Claire Darrow, the owner/managing partner of the family law firm of Darrow and Darrow, is still trying to navigate the newfound relationship she now has with her mother, Joanna Darrow, honorable to a fault Claire and flashy Joanna like oil and water. While Claire does offer "consultant" Joanna a case more to Claire's own sensibility, Joanna may use her style of being a lawyer more effectively in helping her twelve year old granddaughter/Claire's daughter Lou Darrow tread the rough waters she is facing making inroads as the only girl on the baseball team. Claire is also navigating the newfound personal relationship she has with Assistant DA Miles Strasberg, they still falling into the trap of talking law more often than not, even during their personal time together. Their vow to cut down on the shop talk takes a back seat to the more important issue of the next case she takes, namely defending Miles' younger half-sister Phoebe Strasberg, an up and coming singer, on a murder charge, the victim Phoebe's emotionally abusive producer, Terry Yasbeck. In their latest recording session, Terry was witnessed berating her yet again, she threatening to fire him to join forces with rival producer Evan Carleton, before Terry threatens in return to destroy all her existing recordings - two years worth of work - which he claims are legally his. But the most damaging piece of evidence is a telephone call that Terry's wife, Linda Yasbeck, receives just as Terry is shot, he heard yelling out Phoebe's name just before the sound of the fatal gunshot. While Claire believes Phoebe's claim that she didn't murder Terry, Miles, who has to straddle the fence in working in the DA's office, can't help but be big brother worrying that she will be convicted. As Claire and Miles investigate, which includes trying to discover what happened to those two years worth of recordings which are nowhere to be found within Terry's possessions, they will find a somewhat incestuous network among Phoebe's professional colleagues, who all have one or another type of personal relationship which may not provide motive in and of itself but provide reasonable access.
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