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Danger Man 2

IMDb 8.2 na min/episode
Coming at approximately the same time as James Bond, ITC's Danger Man (known as Secret Agent in the states) is the complete antithesis, with the calm, icy-cool demeanour of British M9 agent, John Drake (Patrick McGoohan). Whereas Bond's all flash, Drake (who never carries a gun, he felt them to be "noisy, and they can hurt someone") used his brain, instead, and is very adept at defending himself with his hands, as well. He also eschewed having the "babe of the week", or even having Drake involved with a woman. The show (which had initially been a half-hour series, also under the Danger Man (1960) title, and character name, but was brought back slightly "retconned" and became a series with hour-long episodes) became an world-wide hit, and helped propel series' lead, Patrick McGoohan to international fame (in fact, Mr. McGoohan was twice offered the role of James Bond, and twice refused. The first time, he declined, but recommended a friend of his; Sean Connery). Unlike many other spy series at this time, Danger Man was not a comedy, nor did it go off to the outlandishness of another well-known spy series of the time (The Avengers (1961)), but was able to build a long-lasting fan base by emphasising well-written scripts, terrific guest actors as well as impeccable direction, and quality production.
Thriller, Adventure, Action, Crime, Mystery
Patrick Mcgoohan, Earl Cameron, Peter Madden, Zia Mohyeddin
United Kingdom
9.0 / 1 times
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