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Christmas Unleashed

IMDb 5.8 86 min
Vanessa Lachey, Lini Evans, Terence Kelly, Christopher Russell, Dolores Drake, Jayne Eastwood, Barbara Patrick, Casey Manderson, Lane Edwards, Bethany Brown
Nimisha Mukerji
United States
5.3 / 39 times
New York City lawyer Becca Solano, working toward making partner at the law firm where she's works, and her best friend of seven years Henry, her golden lab who she's had since he was a puppy, are heading back to their small hometown of Baynesville, North Carolina for Christmas for the first time in four years. Becca has mixed feelings about the return: she wants to spend the holidays with her Gram, Jean, her only living relative, but she has avoided Baynesville in not wanting to run into her old boyfriend, the town veterinarian and head of animal services Max Hutton, the two who were a couple since Christmas Eve seven years ago when Henry brought them together until Becca left Baynesville for good four years ago to pursue her New York City law career, he unwilling to follow her despite the two being in love. Becca is forced to contact Max when in the middle of the night Christmas Eve, Henry goes missing. As Becca and Max track Henry - Max who knows Henry as well as anyone - Becca and Max are forced to relive their past as Henry's path seems to take them down memory lane, especially the three Christmas Eves they spent together. As those old feelings start to emerge, Max's current life in Baynesville, especially with most recent girlfriend Marianne Devine, and whether anything has changed since four years ago will factor into what happens. Becca learning more about her deceased's father life, in whose professional footsteps she is trying to follow, may be the tipping point in what happens.
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