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IMDb 5.4 122 min
In 1914 twenty year-old Lucia enjoys a bucolic island existence looking after the family's herds of goats. The family's past, with all the positive aspects represented by the often silent mother figure, is concentrated in the house where the sick father is replaced by the brothers who are the bearers of the defense of a tradition that becomes an increasingly heavy dress for Lucia to wear. But when her father dies, her grumpy older brother decides to marry her off to a rich widower, thinking first and foremost about the financial benefits for the family. She joins a nudist colony, despite warnings from the locals that they are "devils". They are a commune of young North Europeans has found on Capri the ideal place to live their alternative life style and practice their art. There she falls under the spell of painter and commune leader Seybu. He teaches her to read and soon she is multi-lingual. But the local doctor Carlo hopes to win her affections and the two men fiercely stating their points in the duel between science and art. This becomes very boring and Lucia soon has enough and wants "to go back to dancing in the woods".
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