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Boys' Night Out

IMDb 6.6 115 min
Long time friends Fred Williams, George Drayton, Doug Jackson and Howard McIllenny are New York businessmen who commute together to and from Greenwich, Connecticut every working day. With the exception of divorced Fred who lives with his mother, they are all married. They have made arrangements with their respective wives to spend Thursday nights in town - their boys' night out - before catching the last train back to Greenwich. They are all feeling somewhat restless in their staid suburban lives, those Thursday nights which are not helping since they have not yet found something stimulating to do. Taking a play from Fred's boss, the three married men want to rent a "bachelor pad" in the city for weeknight fun with a kept women, they needing Fred, the unmarried one, to be the lessee, which Fred does not want to do. However, out of circumstance, Fred does decide to rent them an apartment and finds them that kept girl, Cathy. Cathy originally came to the apartment to rent it herself, but decided to stay after meeting the men. The problem is is that Fred likes her himself, he who wants to keep her for himself, even eventually to the point of getting remarried, which he thought he would never do again. However, Cathy is keeping a secret of her own, which may kibosh the plans of all four of the men, who may not even know that their evenings with Cathy are not going the way they want.
Kim Novak, James Garner, Tony Randall, Howard Duff
Michael Gordon
United States
6.2 / 5 times
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