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Battleship Potemkin

IMDb 8 75 min
Drama, Thriller, History
Aleksandr Antonov, Ivan Bobrov, Mikhail Gomorov, Aleksandr Levshin, N Poltavtseva, Konstantin Feldman, Grigoriy Aleksandrov, Daniil Antonovich, Vladimir Uralskiy, Vladimir Barskiy
Sergei M. Eisenstein
7.7 / 3 times
The sea is rough and on the battleship Potemkin the multitude of men on deck finds worms in the rotten meat. The sailors refuse to shoot who did not want to eat the rotten meat. On the deck of the ship there is a revolt against the officers. A sailor,Vakulinchuk, that he was the first to invoke the revolt, is shot by an officer, remains hanging on a rope and a group of officers goes to rescue him. A group of sailors approaches Odessa, bringing even the dying sailor with the inscription "killed for a plate of soup". The inhabitants of Odessa run down the stairs to see the dead sailor. A very long field with a frame from the top connects the flow of people on the stairs with the waves of the sea. A young man reads a letter that incites the revolt to avenge the sailor and alternates in the assembling moved close-ups. With the motto "All for one and one for all" collective despair becomes union. In a very long field the crowd of people goes under and over a bridge. Cossacks arrive and shoot men, women and children on the crowd. A mother goes to meet the Cossacks with her dead son in her arms. Another mother is killed and the caravan with the little child goes down the stairs. The city of Odessa is bombed by Potemkin, which tries to stop the massacre. In the darkness the armored Potemkin advances towards a ship sent by the tsar and get ready for the fight. The fleet sent by the tsar does not open fire and all shout to the brotherhood.
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