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Babes in Arms

IMDb 6.4 94 min
Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Henry Hull, Guy Kibbee, Charles Winninger, Rand Brooks, June Preisser, Ann Shoemaker, Barnett Parker, Johnny Sheffield
Busby Berkeley
United States
9.0 / 2 times
Mickey Moran was born in 1921 to Joe and Florrie Moran, popular and well known vaudevillians. Mickey, now in his late teens, is living in an era when vaudeville is dead as an entertainment genre. Joe and Florrie and their former vaudeville colleagues hope that their children will take up a more practical career. With vaudeville blood in their veins, Mickey and his singer girlfriend Patsy Barton - also an offspring of a vaudevillian, Lillian Barton - still dream of a career in show business. When Joe and Florrie and their former vaudeville colleagues decide to resurrect their careers by financing a traveling vaudeville show of their own, their children want in. But the parents feel that the kids' style of entertainment doesn't fit in with the old vaudeville acts. So Mickey decides to write and produce his own show featuring Patsy, himself and their friends. Standing in his way is local busybody Martha Steele, who wants the kids to return to school rather than waste their life on an unpractical career like show business. And Mickey and Patsy's collective dream may not come to pass because of Rosalie Essex, a former child movie star known as Baby Rosalie who is trying to mount a comeback of her own. She is willing to finance Mickey's project for the lead role - Patsy's role. Patsy feels that Rosalie is not only moving in on her professional big break, but also her role as Mickey's girlfriend.
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