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IMDb 5.8 97 min
Colin Mochrie, Colm Feore, Graham Greene, Paulino Nunes, Krista Bridges, Richard Dreyfuss, Mimi Kuzyk, Lori Hallier, Art Hindle, Karen LeBlanc
Shelagh McLeod
5.7 / 9 times
Seventy-five year old Angus Stewart, a retired civil engineer specializing in geology, is facing his mortality. Recently widowed, he is dealing with the aftermath of his wife's death, including the fact, in her decreased mental capacity, that she was duped into buying a donkey sanctuary, the purchase of which he was unaware until it was too late. He has recently been diagnosed with a plethora of health ailments, chief among them being heart problems. Under the circumstance, he should no longer live on his own, which causes problems for his family in terms of his care. His daughter, Molly Williams, wants Angus to live with her and her family, but she is already overworked in handling everything related to selling his house and the donkey sanctuary. Molly's husband, bank investment broker Jim Williams, doesn't want the responsibility of Angus on their shoulders and would prefer he live in a facility. Angus' biggest booster is his preteen grandson, Barney Williams, in their shared dreams of what is possible from a child's perspective. That shared dream turns into a reality of sorts when on Barney's urging, Angus applies to be in the running for the Ventura Corporation's offer of a free ticket on their and the world's first commercial space flight, the process which will shortlist a dozen candidates in a lottery, with the winner chosen via public voting. Marcus Brown, Ventura's wealthy owner, is rushing into this space flight, on which he will also be among the passengers, to prove to himself and his now deceased father that it can be done. The issue for Angus is that he is ten years older than the maximum age allowance even to be eligible for the flight. In once again being able to dream like a child, Angus may have a renewed lease on life, which affects his relationship with Barney, Molly and especially Jim, who is going through his own issue which he is hiding from the family.
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