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As It Is in Heaven

IMDb 7.5 133 min
The famous international conductor Daniel Daréus has a heart attack with his stressed busy professional life and interrupts his successful career with an early retirement. He decides to return to his hometown in the north of Sweden, from where his mother left when he was a seven year-old sensitive boy bullied by Conny and other school mates, to live a low-paced life. He buys an old school and is invited to participate in the church choir by the local Shepherd Stig, but the reluctant and shy Daniel refuses in the principle. However, he gets involved with the community and feels attracted by Lena, a local woman with a past with the local doctor. His music opens the hearts of the members of the choir, affecting their daily life: the slow Tore has the chance to participate in the choir; Inger, the wife of Stig, releases her repressed sexuality; Gabriella takes an attitude against her abusive and violent husband; the gossiper and frustrated Siv opens her heart against Lena; the fat Holmfrid cries enough against the jokes of the businessman Arne; even Daniel starts loving people and Lena as the love of his life. When they are invited to participate in an important contest in Innsbruck, Daniel finds his music opening the heart of people making his dream come true.
Drama, Comedy, Romance, Music
Michael Nyqvist, Frida Hallgren, Helen Sjöholm, Lennart Jähkel
Kay Pollak
Denmark, Sweden
5.6 / 5 times
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