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As It Is in Heaven

IMDb 7.5 133 min
Drama, Comedy, Romance, Music
Michael Nyqvist, Frida Hallgren, Ingela Olsson, Niklas Falk, Per Morberg, Helen Sjöholm, Lennart Jähkel, Ylva Lööf, André Sjöberg, Mikael Rahm
Kay Pollak
Denmark, Sweden
6.3 / 6 times
Daniel is a renowned conductor, who suffered a painful childhood in his native town in Northern Sweden. There, Daniel was bullied by his school mates while he was trying to develop a musical career with his mother's support. Now, as a conductor, Daniel is very temperamental and has an intolerant character with his musicians as well. He also has a strange condition which makes him bleed from the nose. After a concert he has a heart attack. Despite having professional commitments for the next 8 years, he decides to return to Sweden and retire indefinitely. In his home town, Daniel settles in the old and abandoned primary school. The local reverend asks Daniel to work as the church choir's conductor, formed by all kinds of villagers, with all kinds of problems. Daniel first task is to teach the choir members to find their own voice tone, and the musical basis. Lena, a charismatic girl, catches Daniel's attention immediately. But Daniel will have to struggle with other problems in the choir, like a woman who is beaten by her drunken husband, and the prejudices of some members who think that Daniel is more interested in Lena than in the choir. However, the envious reverend begins to feel relegated by Daniel and takes the accusations about him and Lena seriously. Daniel eventually has his chance to prove the contrary, taking his group to an important contest in Innsbruck.
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