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And Then There Were None

IMDb 7.5 97 min
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery
Barry Fitzgerald, Richard Haydn, Walter Huston, C Aubrey Smith, Mischa Auer, June Duprez, Judith Anderson, Roland Young, Louis Hayward, Queenie Leonard
René Clair
United States
7.3 / 4 times
Seven guests are invited by Mr. and Mrs. U.N. Owen, most indirectly, to their estate, the only thing located on remote English coastal Indian Island, to which there is only boat access twice a week. The only other people on the island and estate are the two married domestics, who are already there, and Mrs. Owen's new secretary, who accompanies the other seven on the boat. In addition to the name of the island, there are references to the nursery rhyme Ten Little Indians throughout the estate, including a collection of ten Indian statues on the dining room table. All ten people at the estate will quickly learn three things: that neither Mr. or Mrs. Owen are yet there, they being delayed in London; that none of them have ever met either of the Owens, even the three employees, or know each other beyond the married couple knowing each other; and that Owen accuses all ten of being responsible for the death of an innocent person, and thus must pay for their crimes. The accusations are, on the surface, surprising as the guests include highly respected people, such as a judge, a doctor, and a former General. The ten are stuck on the island for at least three days until the next boat arrives, as there is no means of communication otherwise on or off the island. As per the nursery rhyme, the guests, one by one, are found dead, each time with one of the ten Indian statues on the dining room table missing. Initially, those still alive believe U.N. Owen, which they realize is a play on the word "unknown", is hiding somewhere on the island, committing the murders. But what may be more frightening for them is the possibility that Owen may be one of the ten of them, and thus has a front row seat to their every move.
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