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IMDb 6.6 106 min
Comedy, Romance
William Hurt, Alec Baldwin, June Squibb, Joe Mantegna, Blythe Danner, Mia Farrow, Cybill Shepherd, Julie Kavner, Judy Davis, Robin Bartlett
Woody Allen
United States
9.5 / 2 times
To deal with a back problem, upscale New Yorker Alice Tate, on the advice of several of her friends, visits Dr. Yang, an acupuncturist, for therapy. Dr. Yang diagnoses Alice's physical problem as a manifestation of her emotional issues, primarily her dissatisfaction with her fifteen year marriage to wealthy Doug Tate, and her superficial and pampered life filled primarily with shopping, spa treatments and face-lifts. Dr. Yang, who is much more than an acupuncturist, prescribes a course of herbal treatments, to which Alice adheres strictly despite her skepticism. Each individual herbal treatment has a different fantastical effect on Alice, which allows her at least to feel uninhibited enough to find out more about the man at her children's school to who she is attracted. She learns that he is divorced father Joe Ruffalo, a musician. The treatments also allow her, among other things, to communicate with a deceased ex-boyfriend, Ed, to ask for his advice on her situation. Through her relationship with Dr. Yang, Alice may come to some conclusions about what she wants to do with her entire life, and not just those parts related to Doug or Joe, and how best to move toward those end goals.
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