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Across 110th Street

IMDb 7 102 min
Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Antonio Fargas, George DiCenzo, Steve Gravers, Paul Benjamin, Paul Harris, Gerry Black, Anthony Franciosa, Frank Adu, Dick Crockett, Clebert Ford
Barry Shear
United States
6.7 / 3 times
The NYPD investigates the carnage the aftermath of a crime of a yet unknown nature in Harlem. By the body count at one site - three black men, and two white men - plus one black and one white police officer killed in pursuit, the NYPD believes that at the core of the crime is the Italian mafia. Indeed, three black men - Jimmy Harris, Joe Logart and Henry Jackson - the former two masquerading as police officers, the latter the getaway driver, were able to rob the mafia's Harlem operation of $300,000, and although they walked into the operation not intending on any violence, the seven dead bodies was the final outcome. As the NYPD investigates the crime and the mafia embarks on getting their money back while showing the crooks in no uncertain terms that they will never be able to get away with it, the conflicts are not relegated to just between the three groups, but also within the NYPD and the mafia in the racially charged environment that is Harlem. The NYPD decides to appoint Lt. William Pope, a black man, to lead the investigation, which does not sit well with Italian-American Capt. Frank Morelli, a thirty-three year veteran of the force and an anti-black bigot. And Doc Johnson, the black lead of organized crime in the neighborhood, has no respect for who the mafia sends to lead the clean up, Nick D'Salvio, who Johnson taunts as only having gotten to his position by marrying the boss' daughter, while D'Salvio in return goes to extremes to prove Johnson wrong.
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