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A Valentine's Match

IMDb 6.8 82 min
Drama, Romance
Mary Margaret Humes, Luke Macfarlane, Ken Tremblett, Donny Lucas, Bethany Joy Lenz, Greg Rogers, Dean Hinchey, Karen Kruper, Caitlin Stryker, Devon Alexander
Christie Will Wolf
United States
6.6 / 46 times
Natalie Simmons is the driven host of a San Francisco-based lifestyle television show, she liking to control as much of her persona as she can. That control gets her into trouble as a few weeks before Valentine's, she's fired arguably as the declining ratings are due to her no longer being authentic and thus no longer connecting with the audience. Only telling her parents Alicia and Aaron Simmons, Natalie heads to her small hometown just outside of Portland to regroup, and to help with the town's annual Valentine's Day Festival co-chaired by Alicia. The trip is despite her boyfriend of two years, Brooks, the show's director, needing to stay in San Francisco to work on Valentine's, and she never having gone back home since high school solely to avoid her high school sweetheart, artist Zach Williams, their break up less than a smooth one when he went away to Europe to pursue an art degree, while he wouldn't allow her to follow him in favor of she taking her first job in San Francisco. What Natalie knows is that Alicia is still friends with Zach's mother, Sue Williams, the other co-chair. What she doesn't know is that Zach no longer works as a professional artist, he having bought the local hardware store, and that Alicia and Sue have always thought Natalie and Zach perfect for each other, they planning on doing whatever they can to bring the two back together. They are able to at least make them spend time together in manipulating the two to organize the festival's auction, it the part of the festival which funds the following year's festival. Natalie and Zach's time together is filled with tension in not wanting to dwell on their painful past. But spending time with him makes Natalie reevaluate her life as she tries to find herself again, that reevaluation including taking a hard look at her relationship with Brooks. What may ultimately affect Natalie and Zach's relationship is if the truth comes out as to why he didn't want her to come with him to Europe.
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